New Year, New Decade in Building Grassroots Power! image

New Year, New Decade in Building Grassroots Power!

Thanks for the support.

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Dear PODER Familia,

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

As we wind down another year and another decade of powerful grassroots organizing for environmental and economic justice in San Francisco's Latinx community, we are grateful for your ongoing support!

Over the past decade, we've had great success in putting public land in people's hands, creating a people-centered economy, changing the rules through people power, and fostering grassroots leadership.

Please make a donation today and continue your support!

Please support another decade of Latinx immigrant families and youth putting into practice people-powered solutions by making a donation today.

We're gearing up for a new year and the new decade to advance innovative solutions to the profit-driven displacement crisis overwhelmingly impacting working class families and low-income immigrant communities. From a new public bank to a Green New Deal for San Francisco and other climate solutions, we are fighting for everyday people to not only survive but thrive. We are resilient. We are the roots of the City.

Will you join us and make a donation during this end-of-the-year fundraising effort? You can donate any amount that you like, but please give today to support PODER.